Eric Adams, the current Brooklyn Borough President, is running for Mayor of New York City in the 2021 election. As a mayoral candidate, Adams has raised millions of dollars in campaign contributions from individuals and organizations, with the aim of funding his campaign and spreading his message to voters. So who are the donors behind Eric Adams’ mayoral campaign?

According to the latest filings with the New York City Campaign Finance Board, Eric Adams has raised over $10 million in donations as of March 2021. His donors include individuals, corporations, unions, and political action committees (PACs), with contributions ranging from a few dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

One of the largest donors to Eric Adams’ campaign is the United Federation of Teachers (UFT), which has contributed $250,000 to his campaign. Other notable union contributions come from the Teamsters Local 237, which donated $60,000, and the 32BJ Service Employees International Union, which donated $50,000.

In addition to unions, Eric Adams has also received donations from a number of prominent individuals and organizations. Some of the most notable individual donors include tech entrepreneur Jack Dorsey, who donated $2,800, and hedge fund manager Daniel Och, who donated $5,100. The Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY), which represents the city’s real estate industry, also donated $10,000 to Adams’ campaign.

Eric Adams has also received support from several political action committees (PACs). One of the largest PAC donors to his campaign is New Yorkers for a Balanced Albany, which donated $40,000. This PAC supports candidates who are pro-business and pro-economic development.

Overall, Eric Adams’ donors represent a diverse range of interests and backgrounds, from labor unions to real estate industry groups to individual tech entrepreneurs. While campaign finance reform is a hotly debated issue in New York City politics, Eric Adams has followed the rules and regulations governing campaign contributions, and has made public disclosures of all donations received.

Eric Adams’ donors are a reflection of the wide range of interests and perspectives represented in New York City politics. As the mayoral race heats up in the coming months, it will be interesting to see how these contributions impact Adams’ campaign and his ability to connect with voters across the city.