• stand up to racism

    What is systematic racism?

    If you asked me, what systematic racism is I would be able to articulate that I know what it is but probably would not be able to give you an example. That all has changed. But before I list the

  • Is It A Game Or Just Class Warfare? Gamestop And The Frenzy.

    By now you may have heard about the whole buying frenzy behind the GameStop stock. It’s personal! As you see the big-time hedge funds is getting a taste of their own medicine according to a group

  • Digging In Their Heels

       Are Trump supporters blind to his lies and manipulation? The last thing you want to do is challenge someone when you want to change their mind. The sunk cost effect is well known in

  • Blame It On DeBlasio

    When I was younger there was a computer game called Sim City where you were the mayor of a city. It allowed you to raise taxes and sometimes this resulted in an angry mob in the virtual city

  • Are We Surprised Money Wins Again?

    Are we surprised money wins again? Heir to the Levi & Strauss Co. empire wins the 10th House District. He was able to raise $200,000 from friends and family alone. He was endorsed by the NY